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About Us

The Ghost Group is made up of a number of companies, focused on delivering exceptional value and high quality international mobile telecommunications services.

2 million

connected users

Ghost Telecom Limited creates, builds and takes to market Over-the-Top (OTT) telecoms products and services designed for mobile. Our native apps enable our customers, about 2 million of them, to stay connected all over the world. 



Our growing portfolio of granted and pending patents are at the heart of our technology solutions and, combined with our people (a clever lot), give us a range of services delivering global communications that are fit for the future. 


to roam

FooTech Limited runs MVNO’s including a global mobile broadband and calling service that brings an end to extortionate roaming charges so the world’s travellers at last have the freedom to use their smart devices around the world at a fair price. FooTech is also a majority shareholder in FooFirst Limited, a BVI based enterprise that operates the White Mobile MVNO in the UK. 




FooBusiness gives business customers the ability to make international calls directly from their smartphones, rather than make unnecessary capital investment in IP phones and the like. Our virtual number solutions provide businesses with immediate international reach. The simplicity and ease-of-use of FooBusiness sets it apart from other business VoIP solutions.



FooCall’s goal is simple – low cost calls to anyone, anywhere, from a smartphone. FooCall is single-minded in this objective and couples very low call rates with call quality and reliability that consumers simply don’t expect from a low price service. 



Today most people depend on smart devices to help manage their personal and business lives. Staying in touch with friends, family, colleagues is a given. However when travelling overseas the high cost of staying connected stops us in our tracks. FooConnect is the most straight-forward, low-cost solution to extortionate roaming charges. Delivered via a small mobile Wi-Fi device, FooConnect connects to the local country network you are visiting, enabling global mobile data connectivity, at exceptionally low rates. 



FooTalk provides iOS and Android consumers with free calls & messaging. Sure there are others in this space but FooTalk also gives consumers a free voicemail service and secure calling, for a truly OTT alternative to traditional operator services. FooTalk was also the first smartphone app to enable Facebook users to call each other for free without knowing each other’s phone number.



White Mobile is a UK MVNO offering aggressively priced UK and international calling, messaging and data services. Running on the EE network, White Mobile gives customers a SIM that provides the best possible quality at the lowest price. The service is live in the UK, with plans to expand into Europe and other territories in due course.


Executive Team

Michael Camilleri

Founding Partner


Graeme Hutchinson

Founding Partner


Jose Merino

Founding Partner


Richard Diskin

Managing Director, Ghost Telecom




If you want to know more about anything related to Ghost Telecom or Footech, please get in touch by emailing us at:

contact [at] ghosttelecom [dot] com

If you are a customer or need help with one of our services, please email us using the appropriate address:

FooBusiness: care [at] foobusiness [dot] com

FooCall: ask [at] foocall [dot] com

FooTalk: ask [at] footalk [dot] me

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Ghost Group welcomes you. This site provides an overview of the services and products that Ghost Group operates and are pioneering. We would also be happy to talk with you about Ghost Group in more detail. Please do get in touch at any time.

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